Strategic Priorities

Drawing from the college’s 2016-2021 Mid-Cycle Strategic Plan Report and Board of Education direction, the College has identified four priority areas of focus for 2019-2020 community collaboration & engagementstudent learning & achievement, access, equity & inclusion, and economic & workforce development. These priorities will guide planning, decision-making, and resource allocation.

2019-2021 Strategy Map No Orange

2019-2021 Strategic Priority Initiatives

Community Collaboration and Engagement

  • Governance redesign
  • Employee communications, dialogue, engagement, and recognition
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Alumni Relations
  • Community conversations
  • Bond capital campaign

Student Learning and Achievement

  • Holistic student supports
  • Articulation systems, processes and communications
  • Career Technical Education program audit
  • Advising and academic planning services
  • Guided Pathways structures, systems, and practices
  • Collegewide assessment of student learning
  • Center for Teaching and Learning

Access, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Recruitment of underserved and underrepresented student and employee populations
  • Center for Intercultural Education
  • Equity Lens implementation
  • Collegewide cultural competency professional development
  • Guided Pathways structures, systems, and practices

Economic and Workforce Development

  • Center of Excellence in Economic and Workforce Development
  • Career Technical Education program audit
  • Advisory committee redesign