College Now Appeal Process

If you believe you should have received credit for a College Now course, but you don't see the credit on your transcript, you can appeal to have the credit awarded retroactively. This appeal is not guaranteed. To start the process, you will need to fill out the College Now Appeal Form. Please Note: You will need to login into this form with your L# and myLane password. If you can't remember your L# or need your password reset contact If you don't have an L# because you never applied for college now admission you will need to appeal directly to

We will need to confirm the CRN, term, and grade from your high school instructor. High School transcripts are not acceptable because College Now grades are based on a different standard and may be different from the high school grade you earned.

If your appeal is for a course offered 1-3 years ago, you will also be required to meet with the High School Connections Dean.

Note: Your appeal will be directly forwarded to the registrar ( if either:

  • there is no College Now admission on file for the term of your request or
  • your appeal is for a course offered more than 3 years ago. will be forwarded directly to the registrar

College Now Appeal Form