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Water Conservation Technician

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The Water Conservation Technician program consists of an inspiring community of students and faculty dedicated to improving community water security and quality using ecologically sustainable practices.

The Program trains individuals to evaluate water use patterns; develop, implement, market and maintain conservation programs; perform public outreach; recommend water efficiency techniques; integrate alternative water sources; and perform systems analysis to solve problems.

As water related issues continue to increase, more voluntary and mandatory water conservation opportunities are being created that require a technical skill set like that which is offered within this program.

What's the starting pay?

  • Statewide range from $32,000 to $48,500 annually plus benefits.
Prepare for a career in the water field as water efficiency technicians, coordinators, or specialists, or as water management specialists and technicians. The program prepares students to design, implement and evaluate water conservation programs.

For more information on the two-year degree programs and training for energy professionals, visit The Northwest Water Energy Education Institute (NWEEI) website.

NWEEI offers both standard and custom learning opportunities throughout the northwest for practicing professionals in the energy industry, including an energy management certification program. NWEEI is located within the Institute for Sustainable Practices at Lane Community College.