IESL Program Guidelines

IESL Program Guidelines


Class attendance is very important for all students at Lane Community College, as it could affect your immigration status as well as your final grade. It is important to be on time to class every day.

IESL Students must:

  • Attend each class at least once in the first week of term.

- Students who do not attend the first week, cannot add classes in the second week.

- This means that if you miss your first week of classes you must return to your home country or transfer to another school.

  • If you miss too many classes, your I-20 will be terminated and you will need to return home immediately.

- Once you reach 10% absence, you will get a warning email from an international advisor.

- Once you reach 20% absence, you will get a final warning that you are on attendance probation this term and the following term.

- If absences exceed 30% in the current term, your I-20 will be terminated and you will need to return home immediately. If in the second term or any other term absences exceed 20% , your I-20 will be immediately terminated.

- If you miss quizzes or activities, your grade may be lower and your teacher may not let you make up the work.

  • Be present to take their final during finals week. Alternate finals schedules will not be available.

- Students who miss final exams will need to repeat the level.

  • Students with a medical emergency or other unavoidable circumstances may submit a request for exception with supporting documentation.

- Except in case of emergency, the appeal for an exception must be submitted at least 10 days in advance.

- For medical and unforeseeable emergencies the appeal must be submitted as soon as possible after the final.

- Students must include proof of the emergency or other issue.

  • Sometimes during the term you might get sick or have an emergency. If this happens to you, please email or call your teacher and do not come to class.

Changing Level

Sometimes students will go to a class and think that it is too easy for them. The student may want to request to change their level if this happens. DO NOT take the reading/writing Accuplacer placement test in counseling and advising. That does not allow you to test into credit programs. By taking the test and getting a low score, you may get a hold on your account that will create problems for your registration.

How to request a change of level for students in levels A-E:

  • Attend class in the level assigned every day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of week 1.
  • Ask your teachers if they think you should change the level on Tuesday or Wednesday at the teacher's office hours or after class.
  • If the teacher agrees that you may need to change your level up, the teacher will give you the time and location for the challenge exam.
  • The challenge exams will be on Thursday of week 1 only.
  • Students will go to the ESL office by Friday end of day week 1 to find out if they can change the level or not.

- If the student is able to change level, they will be placed in class based on the whichever block of classes has space available and their preference.

-The bookstore will only give students a refund until 4 pm.

  • If your challenge exams places you in a level lower than you currently are placed, you will be moved down to that level.
  • Students may not request to change their level after Thursday of week 1.
  • Students with a complaint about the process or a disagreement can ask to speak with the ESL Dean.

How to request a change of level for students in level F:

Requests to change level from Level F to credit must be requested by Tuesday BEFORE classes begin.

Students should ask for the review with their International Programs Academic and Retention Advisor in building 11 Room 235.

The advisor will work with the student and testing coordinator to review the placement.

If the placement is accepted the student must be registered in 12 credits by Friday before term starts.

Completing a Level

IESL students must pass all classes in the level with a C or better before they can move up to the next level.

Students are NOT allowed to repeat the same level more than twice.

Credit Classes

Students taking IESL classes must take all 20 hours of class at every level.  Students in levels D and above may take a PE class in addition to their ESL classes if their advisor approves them to do so. Students in level F could take one class in the credit level that do not require prerequisite, if their international advisor approves them to do so.