Women in Transition

Women in Transition

How to enroll:

Visit the
Gender Equity Center,

Bldg. #1, Room 202, Located at Lane Main Campus.

or contact us at
541-463-5353, genderequitycenter@lanecc.edu
to make an appointment for an information session.

Women in Transition empowers women to become economically self-sufficient and improve their lives through access to education. Women in Transition is designed to help women regain their sense of confidence, clarity and genuine well-being.

During the eleven weeks of class, you will have the opportunity to move from feeling confused about your direction in life and instead find a sense of purpose and clarity that results in your own step-by-step plan to reach your personal and career goals.

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Core Classes

Life Transitions (CG 220): 4 Credits
This course is designed to help students in Women in Transition navigate their current life transitions and explore positive new life directions.Topics include: understanding life transitions, relationships, increasing self-esteem, coping with powerful emotions, developing healthy power and assertiveness.

Career and Life Planning (CG 140T): 3 credits
This course is designed to help students in Women in Transition plan their careers and their lives. This course will explore: self-awareness, values, interests, skills, personality styles, available careers, careers that fit personal wants and needs, steps to pursuing career goals, how to make decisions, weigh options, and set goals.

Additional Class for Women Only

Strength Training for Women (PE 183U): 1 credit
Emphasis on resistance training using a variety of exercise modalities. Develop and assess strength, muscular size, muscle definition, toning and improve general physical condition. Safe and proper technique, routines, programs, nutrition and stress management concepts will be addressed.