Rene Soto

Success Coach


Building 1, Room 103


(541) 463-5771

photo of Rene SotoHello~My name is Rene Soto. I am a recent transplant from San Francisco's Bay area. I worked for six years in Workforce Development assisting San Francisco job seekers finding employment. Originally, I got my Bachelors degree in Political Economy, with a minor in Water Resource Management from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA (Go Goeducks!). After graduating, I worked for ten years with both national and local non-profits. Upon moving to Eugene in January of 2019, I decided to take a break, focus on personal hobbies and found myself needing structure in my day-to-day life. Now, I am here at Lane Community College as a Success Coach, after attending two community colleges myself before transferring to the Evergreen State College. I have a deep affinity for the power of community colleges and the role they can play for first generation students and returning students.

Success Tip: I know how hard life can get, but, I have also seen the power of what can happen when someone has the courage to ask for help and the grit to follow through on that help. My tip: don't let your worries or self-doubt get the better of you, if are feeling overwhelmed, I suggest starting with a "Worry List"...list all your worries, then go through and cross out everything you CAN"T control personally. Then, next to the items you can control personally, write down what the ideal outcomes would be for each. Then list what simple Next Step you can take towards resolving each worry. From there you are primed to start Goal Setting, add a Planner to the mix and you are on track to overcoming the paralysis of worry or self-doubt.