Student Handbook Chapter 13 - Furniture

Student Handbook Chapter 13 - Furniture

Accommodations provided

The Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) provides alternate chairs, standing workstations, and other furniture accommodations to qualified students.

How to request furniture accommodations

Please see CAR's Requesting Accommodations Page for additional information.

Guidelines and information

  • Any communications with students regarding furniture placements happens via email.
  • Students are responsible for keeping contact information up to date in myLane.
  • It may take up to TEN (10) business days for furniture to be placed.
  • Students must inform the CAR office if furniture has not been placed in their classroom in accordance with the 10 business day timeline or if there are issues/defects with furniture.
  • Students must notify CAR if their class location is moved.
  • LCC has different kinds of furniture to meet similar needs. Furniture may vary slightly between placements.
  • Alternate chairs used for accommodations are marked at the base with faint gold paint (see picture below). Furniture is marked discreetly to protect privacy.For assistance identifying alternate chairs contact the CAR office.
    • Other students may inadvertently use an alternate chair without realizing its intended purpose.
    • For tips on how to discuss this and ensure accommodation, students should contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist.
  • There may be multiple ADA chairs in a classroom as the number of students with accommodations may vary by class section.
  • Please don’t move or relocate these chairs.
  • Arms on alternate chairs are not to be used as physical assistance to get in or out of the chair.
  • If a student is requesting a furniture accommodation for a Co-op Education (Co-Op) placement, clinical, or another non-classroom location, it must first be requested in the AIM portal. Then, the student must inform CAR of the address of their Co-Op placement, clinical, or non-classroom location, as the online system will simply send CAR the address for the advisor of the program.

Please find the student agreement for using furniture accommodations on CAR's Student Agreements Page

Questions or concerns? Students should immediately contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist from CAR's Contact page. If needed, visit CAR's Grievances Page for information on informal and formal complaint processes.