Faculty Handbook Chapter 9 - Confidentiality

Faculty Handbook Chapter 9: Confidentiality

Due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), CAR is only permitted to send emails regarding a student to an instructor’s @lanecc.edu email address. This includes their Letter of Accommodation (LOA). Any information sent in these emails should not be shared with other staff or faculty members. Please be sure to keep checking your LCC email for communication from CAR, as these emails can be sent out any time in the term. If you are concerned you are not getting CAR emails, please follow the steps detailed in the section “Troubleshooting Automated Emails.

Rules governing disability services are different in college than in K-12, which can be an adjustment for many students and their families. At the collegiate level, the entire accommodation process must be student-initiated. The student is responsible for his or her own accommodation requests and disability-related decisions. Confidentiality laws prohibit CAR staff from discussing student information with any staff that do not have a "need to know" and anyone outside of the institution without written consent. Choosing whether or not to obtain disability accommodations is one of the valuable experiences students will gain in college.

Student Disclosure

As per the ADA, a student is not required to disclose if they have a disability. However, if the student wishes to utilize academic accommodations in classes, they must follow college procedures by completing the CAR application, submit disability verification documentation for review and accommodation assessment, and attend an intake appointment. If the student wants to discuss their accommodations, it is important for faculty to do this in a private meeting for confidentiality purposes.

When students are having difficulties in your course, but it is unclear if they have a disability, it is important that faculty do not assume or ask the student directly if they have a disability.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Federal and state law prohibit discrimination of a student on the basis of a disability. For a copy of the college’s policy and guidelines surrounding this, please contact CAR at (541) 463-5150.