Placement Testing Information

Determining your Course Placement

Course placement helps ensure you can be successful in your courses. To determine your course placement, we'll first see if we're able to place you without a test. If we can't, or if you'd like to see if you can place higher by taking the tests, you'll then take two placement tests.

If you haven't completed your application yet, apply using the Steps to Enroll. In order to be placed for your courses, you'll need to know your L Number.

Step 1: Gather your information

Before we begin, see if you have any of the following:

  • High School GPA 
  • Last completed high school math course
    (C- or better; Algebra II or Pre-Calculus, Last 2 years; Calculus I or II, Last 5 years).
  • GED [GED scores]
    Scores in Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA; Last 5 years) or Math (Last 2 years).
  • Smarter Balanced [If you don't remember your score (or level), please contact your high school]
    English Language Arts (Last 5 years) or Math score (Last 2 years).
  • SAT [SAT scores]
    Scores in Reading & Writing (Last 5 years) or Math (Last 2 years).
  • ACT Math [ACT scores]
    Scores from the last 2 years.
  • Advanced Placement [AP Exam scores]
    Scores from in any of English & Composition (Last 5 years), AP Statistics (Last 2 years), AP Calculus AB (Last 5 years), or AP Calculus BC (Last 5 years).
  • International Baccalaureate [IB Exam scores]
    Scores in English A Literature (Standard or High; Last 5 years), English A Literature & Language (Standard or High; Last 5 years), Math Studies (Standard; Last 2 years), Mathematics (Standard or High; Last 2 years), or Further Mathematics (High; Last 5 years).
  • Transcripts
    (Unofficial is fine, including CollegeNow!)

Step 2: Complete the placement survey

This will take about five minutes. Afterward, you'll receive an email with your responses and whether you earned a placement or not.

Complete the Placement Survey

We should be contacting you within the next business day to confirm your placement, answer any questions, and provide information on next steps/testing options.

Step 3: Determine if you want or need to take a placement test

If you don't receive a placement in math, you'll likely need to take a placement test. If you placed below MTH251 (Calculus I), you can also choose to take a placement test in order to place higher. If you placed into WR115 and wish to attempt to try for WR121, you also may require testing. Taking a placement test cannot negatively impact your placement: the highest placement stands.

If you are satisfied with you placement on the survey, please return to the Steps to Enroll and continue to the next step.

If you need or want to take a placement test:

Before taking a placement test, it's very important to prepare to earn a more accurate placement.

Preparing or Writing Placement - Accuplacer Reading

Note: Only used to challenge a WR115 placement

Accuplacer Reading Sample Questions

Accuplacer Practice App

Preparing for Math Placement - ALEKS

ALEKS Math Placement is open-response (not multiple-choice), so you'll benefit greatly from preparing beforehand

After you create your ALEKS Account (log in with L# and myLane Password), take the unproctored Placement. Afterward, ALEKS will recommend a Prep and Learning Module. After completing the module, we recommend you spend at least three hours in Prep and Learning prior to your first proctored Placement.

Note: Researchers have found that 40% of students will improve their placement by at least one level with just two hours of work in a Prep and Learning Module

Access your ALEKS Account

Taking the Placement Test(s)

Virtual Testing is available for Accuplacer Reading (attempting to place into WR121). The math placement can be completed from home. Contact us at with any questions.

Virtual Proctoring - Accuplacer Reading

Please complete the placement survey before attempting Virtual Testing

Schedule Virtual Proctoring

Interpreting your Results

Accuplacer Reading

Accuplacer Reading scores are used to determine whether you quailfy for WR121

Writing Placement Score Matrix

Note: Accuplacer Classic and Next-Generation Reading and Writing were previously used for placement, those scores still apply for placement

ALEKS Math Score

The ALEKS score is used to determine your starting level for college math. Every score on ALEKS results in a placement

Math Placement Score Matrix

There are different math course pathways for different programs, you will want to talk to an advisor. Here is a map of the Math Pathways:

Math Course Sequences

If you want to retest:

If you aren't happy with your scores, there are retest options on all placement tests.

For Accuplacer Reading, you are allowed two attempts on a section in the last three months from today.

ALEKS PPL allows up to five attempts total in a one year period (an unproctored practice test counts as an attempt). If you have already tested, you can quickly access Prep and Learning for ALEKS. You will need to spend 3 hours in the Prep and Learning module of your choice, before completing your second attempt.

To retest, please review the preparing for placement testing section above