Placement Testing Information

Placement Options

Most students must have a writing placement prior to becoming a credit student and registering for classes. While testing is one option for placement, there are also a number of other options (before and after testing):
Writing Placement Options
Math Placement Options

If you do not qualify for a "Options" placement or would like to improve your placement, placement testing is available.


Placement Testing

Many students take the Accuplacer Next-Generation placement test prior to enrolling in classes and ALEKS math placement prior to starting a math class. Both tests average about an hour in length.
Placement Testing FAQ

If you are out of the Lane area, but still plan to attend Lane Community College you can take a Virtual test from home - Virtual Testing information.


Steps to take the test

  1. Before you sign up for the test: apply online to Lane Community College to become a Lane student. After completing your online admissions, you will receive an email with your Lane ID number (L#). Once you have received your L#, you will be able to register online for the test.
  2. If you are testing in math: Please create your account in ALEKS prior to testing. You will need to enter your L# and MyLane password, and will be able to answer survey questions and do the tutorial prior to testing day:
    ALEKS Account Creation

    (Note: If you are on a public computer, please click this link after completing this step: Logout ALEKS)
  3. Preparing for the tests: Study first - It is important to give yourself time to review before taking your placement tests. It could save you time and money! (See Study Resources below).
  4. Schedule testing appointment: Make your appointment as early as possible, but only after you have completed your admissions and received your L#. Placement testing starts at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM.
    Placement Test Scheduling

    Note: Testing deadlines are available in the Lane Community College "Steps To Enroll". If you do not test by the cutoff date, you will likely need to plan on enrolling the next term.

    If you would have difficulty making the 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM testing slots, please contact us at to discuss other options.

    The Testing Office is located in Building 1, Room 116 at Lane Community College Main Campus, 4000 East 30th Avenue, Eugene, Or.
  5. Sessions: Everyone in the room will be taking the test at the same time; there will be no other testing programs in the room. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your testing time (9:15 or 1:15, respectively).
Bring your L# and Photo ID: In order to test, you will need to have access to your L# and have on hand a Photo ID. All other testing materials (e.g., pencil, scratch paper) will be provided. Use of personal calculators is prohibited, ALEKS will provide a pop up calculator on select questions.

Acceptable forms of ID:
* A current driver's license
* A state-approved ID
* A high school ID
* A college ID
* A current state or federal ID card
* A current passport
* A tribal ID card
* A naturalization card or certification of citizenship


After testing, you will be asked to present your Photo ID, after which your scores will be provided to you on an Individual Score Report, which will include placement information. Testing scores will be uploaded into myLane multiple times a day, but may not be available immediately after testing.

If you are a new student, you will need to return to the the Community College "Steps To Enroll", and complete Steps 4 (Advising) and 5 (Registration).


Interpreting my scores

After completing testing, your scores will be uploaded to your account, typically within the same business day (or next on weekends). You can view your scores at myLane on the "myEnrollment" tab under "Placement Testing - View Test Scores".
What Do My Scores Mean?

Here are some Study Resources:

More information

Looking to place beyond introductory French or Spanish courses?
Foreign Language Placement Testing

If you need assistance, contact Testing at: