Course Descriptions

Fall 2019

Classes designed for the Adventurous Mature Adult

Careers and Professional Development

Encore Careers

Become a Senior Companion!

happy ladiesAre you a people person with time on your hands? Want to earn a bit of extra cash while helping others? The federal Senior Companion Program trains and supports low-income adult volunteers, age 55+ who make weekly visits to frail elders and those with disabilities. Help clients maintain quality of life and earn a small hourly tax-free stipend. Sponsored locally by Lane Community College. You’ll also learn about ElderHelp and Experience Works! To register, contact Campbell Center at (541) 682-5318.

2-3pM M, Sept 17, Campbell Community Center, 155 High St (1 hr No Charge) – Brooks

2-3pm, Tu, Nov. 6, Campbell Community Center, 155 High St (1 hr No Charge) – Brooks

 Family Health

Medicare 101: The A, B, C's, & D's

The wave of Boomers turning 65 is so large they call it the "Silver Tsunami". THis class will empower you to understand and select the medicare plan that is right for you!

3-5pm W Sept. 26, Downtown Campus 101 W. 10th, Eugene Rm. TBA (2 hrs. No Charge) - Denham

Driver Training

oregon license plateAARP Driver Safety Program

Learn the latest evidence-based strategies. Refresh your knowledge of the latest rules and road hazards. All licensed drivers welcome. Those 55+ may qualify for insurance discounts. Six hours. No tests. Cost $20, or $15 for AARP members. To find location of local classes, contact: or call 1 (888) 227-7669.

Family Health and Dynamics

Living with Memory Loss Series

This 10-week educational seminar offers a unique opportunity for persons with a memory loss disease and their care partners to gain valuable education and support. Each session features a local professional offering information about memory loss and the community support services available. In addition there is ample time for discussion and sharing in a format that allows for care partners and persons with memory loss to experience unique support groups. To register, contact Bridget Kronholm at ElderHealth & Living (541) 747-1755.

10am-noon, Tu, Jan 9-Mar13, Good Samaritan Society, 3500 Hilyard St (20 hrs $100 per family) – Kronholm

Living Well with Chronic Conditions/Pain/Diabetes

Does a health condition, chronic pain, or diabetes affect your daily life? If so, these free 6-week programs may be just for you. Gain skills to help you manage symptoms, sleep, eat, exercise and work well with your health care providers. Co-sponsored by Senior & Disability Services, Trillium Community Health Plan and LCC Successful Aging Institute. Pre-registration required. For dates, times and locations, contact (541) 682-4103 or email - Scott

Money Managementpiggy bank

 NEDCO Financial Wellness Classes

Enjoy a wide spectrum of personal finance and homeownership classes. Register at or call (541) 345-7106. Cost: $75 per year for unlimited classes and 1:1 counseling.

Self-Improvement and Growth

  Yoga Nidra for Stress and Sleep

rainbow yogaLearn how to deeply reduce the stress on your nervous system and gain greater balance and strength. Perfect for helping with insomnia and stress reduction. Bring two blankets and sleep pad. Co-sponsored by Eugene Yoga and LCC Successful Aging Institute. To register, contact Eugene Yoga at (541) 520-8771 or

6-7:30pm, M, Oct 1 - Oct 22, Eugene Yoga, 3575 Donald St (6.00 hrs $50) – Butera

6-7:30pm, M, Oct. 29 - Nov 19, Eugene Yoga, 3575 Donald St (6.00 hrs $50) – Butera

12:15-1:45pm, Th, Sept 27-Oct 18, Eugene Yoga, 3575 Donald St (6.00 hrs $50) – Namyet

12:15-1:45pm, Th, Oct 25 - Nov 15, Eugene Yoga, 3575 Donald St (6.00 hrs $50) – Davis

  Yoga for Healthy Aging

We are all aging, but can we age more gracefully? While we can't necessarily increase our life span, yoga can help us increase our health span so we can enjoy the activities we love for as long as possible and help prevent diseases that plague us as we age. The tools of yoga can help us cultivate equanimity to more effectively deal with stresses and losses that come with aging. All levels welcome! Co-sponsored by Eugene Yoga and LCC Successful Aging Institute. To register, contact Eugene Yoga at (541) 520-8771 or

11-12pm, M, Sept 25 - Nov 13, Eugene Yoga, 3575 Donald St (8.00 hrs $70) - Siporin

Mommy/Toddler Yoga

This unique yoga class strengthens you, and the bond between you and your toddler. Experiance the joy of slow moving yoga poses, and calming restorative time in an enviroment created just for you. Dads are welcome too! All levels welcome. Co-sponsored by Eugene Yoga and LCC Successful Aging Institute. To register, contact Eugene Yoga at (541) 520-8771 or

10:30 - 11:15am, W, Sept. 26 - Oct.31 Eugene Yoga , 245 E. Broadway St. (6.00 hrs. $56) - Bertolone