LaneStarter Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who should I contact if I have questions, or I want to talk through a LaneStarter idea?

    If you have a proposal, email it to lanestarter@lanecc.edu

    If you have questions or need some help gathering information for your proposal, contact Deborah Butler for help: butlerd@lanecc.edu or x5608.  

  • What kind of projects have been funded by LaneStarter?

    Since it’s inception in 2014, Lane Starter has funded several projects. With three opportunities each year to apply, we're adding to this list all the time.

    Fitness Connection

    This initiative will expand community access to and participation in Lane's Fitness Education Center facilities and programs through increased marketing and promotion efforts and expanded hours. This expansion will bring community members to campus and provide additional learning opportunities for Exercise Movement and Science students.

    Training for Specialized Support Services

    This program, in collaboration with the 4J School District and Lane ESD, will provide transition services to high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students will have the opportunity to obtain vocational training and integrated employment, learning side by side with peers and non-disabled students.

    Database Leveraging for KLCC:

    KLCC raises the majority of its operating expenses through individual donations from community members. This project will enable KLCC to partner with an experienced marketing firm to build a fundraising campaign targeting past-year donors who have not yet renewed their commitment, as well as lapsed or inactive donors. Because this project is anticipated to increase donations within the first year, it will be self-sustaining and can be scaled over time to fit KLCC's needs and its mission of providing accessible, quality, learning-centered educational opportunities to the community.

  • What is an “entrepreneurial” idea?

    Entrepreneurial programs and services have revenue-generating and/or enrollment-generating potential for the college. LaneStarter recognizes that it can be challenging to find funding for innovative ideas and new services when department budgets are already spread thin. The LaneStarter program offers funds that can fill the gap and help transform your great idea into reality.

  • How much money is available?

    LaneStarter can award up to $50,000 per fiscal year, in amounts between $1,000 and $10,000 per proposal.  Once funds are approved, you simply provide a FOAP for transfer, and LaneStarter takes care of the rest.  

  • How is LaneStarter different from other one-time funding?

    LaneStarter funds are available to all college departments. The funds aren’t restricted in terms of academic/college services/capital expense requirements like most other types of funding. Also, LaneStarter works on a rolling submission schedule, which means that you can submit a proposal at any time, and it will be considered by the committee once the next deadline has passed. For the current term deadline, see the LaneStarter web page

  • How do I calculate the total cost of my idea?

    You can provide a cost estimate in any format that fits your project needs. If your proposal includes labor or maintenance/facilities expenses outside of the standard budget of your department, make your best estimate of those items or contact the Budget Office for assistance. The Committee will also be look for information about anticipated revenue or enrollment increases associated with your proposal. Provide as much information as you can about how you reached your estimate. The committee may ask additional questions about your proposal if any of the information in your proposal is unclear, or if they’d like to review data used to create your proposal.

  • How are proposals selected for funding?

    Once a deadline for submission has closed, LaneStarter committee members complete a score sheet for each proposal. They meet to discuss and share evaluations, and may request additional information if they have questions about a proposal. Once the committee has come to a decision about each proposal, funding recommendations are made to the Vice President of Finance & Administration.

  • Does my department get to keep any revenue earned by my proposal?

    LaneStarter’s primary goal is to create a net-positive impact on the college’s General Fund and/or enrollment numbers. That said, it’s possible that net surplus could be available for reinvestment in your program, depending on your funding structure.  If you have questions about how surplus would be treated in your proposal, contact the Budget Office.

  • Does it matter how my department is funded?

    LaneStarter funds are available to all departments, regardless of funding structure.   However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • The committee will assess, in addition to other criteria, whether your proposal is within the scope of your department’s existing funding structure. For example, for a program that operates in Fund 9, the committee might question why a revenue-generating activity hasn’t already been funded with available resources, since those programs are already designed to support entrepreneurship.
    • The objective of any proposal should be to have a net positive impact on the college’s general fund. If you have questions about your department’s funding structure, contact the Budget Office at x3005.