Hazmat Team Members

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MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Lane Community College HAZMAT Response Team is to protect life, property, and the environment by isolating, containing, and mitigating hazardous materials incidents; responding to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives) emergencies and minimizing the dangers associated with them.

Lane Community College's HAZMAT Team is a service that the Public Safety Department is responsible for. Sergeant Chris Hanneson is the founding member of the HAZMAT Team. He is a FEMA/DHS/and State of Oregon Level 3 HAZMAT Technician who has also been extensively trained in the NIMS/ICS Process for Incident Mitigation. HAZMAT as a whole consists of (CBRNE); anything Chemical, Biological, Radiatiological, Nuclear, or Explosive.

One of Lane Community College's core values is a safe learning environment. Everyone in the College is a stakeholder as a HAZMAT situation can affect anyone. Sergeant Hanneson is working with FMP to coordinate this new HAZMAT team, which consists of a Minimum level B Offensive structure.

The team needs more people that will be able to mitigate an incident and is now and continually recruiting volunteers. The vision is to have monthly meetings with training conducted to key FMP players designated by their managers. Sergeant Hanneson's ambition is to get everyone HAZWOPER Certified, along with certain individuals trained to level 1 Hazmat Technicians.


Corporal Hanneson

Sergeant Chris Hanneson
Department of Public Safety

Phone: (541) 463-5559


Jennifer Hayward

Jennifer Hayward
Facilities Management and Planning

Phone:  (541) 463-5594


Ben Bower

Corporal Ben Bower
Department of Public Safety

Phone:  (541) 463-5558


James Harris

Lieutenant James Harris
Department of Public Safety


Valeri Miller

Corporal Valeri Miller
Department of Public Safety


Lisa Rupp

Lieutenant Lisa Rupp
Department of Public Safety