Counseling and Advising Information for Health Professions Students

Counseling and Advising Information for Health Professions Students

Hi Students: Thank you for your interest in attending Lane. The Counseling and Advising team members listed below for Health Professions students are looking forward to meeting and working with you. If you have questions please use the email addresses provided below. Click on the blue underlined words for more information or to see our schedules.

Health Professions I Team - HP1 Advising Team Schedule

Anthony Hampton - Counselor

Patsy Escobar - Academic Advisor

Brenda Williams - Academic Advisor 

Mike Zunin - Advisor

Health Professions 2 Team - HP2 Advising Team Schedule

Jessica Alvarado - Counselor

Patsy Escobar – Academic Advisor

Tammy Walters - Academic Advisor

Brenda Williams - Academic Advisor

Mike Zunin - Academic Advisor

Nursing Advising Team - Jessica Alvarado, Patsy Escobar, Brenda Williams and Mike Zunin. Please email for questions.

Cottage Grove: Mary Gilroy - General Academic Advisor

Florence: Juanita Kirkham - General Academic Advisor and Cheryl Mathews, Counselor

Continuing Education

Visit Continuing Education for the non-credit programs. Examples – Massage Therapy, Medical Receptionist, Nursing Assistant,  Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomy and Sterile Processing Technician

Pre-Professional Health Transfer

Debby Ganser and Deidre Lyons Counselor/Advisors. Please call (541) 463-3200 for available times : Chiropractic, Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, Medical Lab Technologists BS, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Veterinary