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Now in David Joyce Gallery:

Human to Human Connection: Service Through Hospitality

Painting - HerIslands by Dhira Lawrence

Artwork by Dhira Lawrence

Artwork by Diane Sandell

Artwork by Diane Sandell 

David Joyce Gallery carries on the tradition of David Joyce, artist and LCC instructor. We also feature David's work and information about David's life and influence in a permanent display.

The gallery supports art in its many forms and sources, teaching, inspiring and providing visual pleasure. We create a fresh thematic exhibit each year. We specialize in work exhibiting the glory and wonder of food, growing plants, culinary arts, hospitality, food markets, travel and the people who learn, work and live in these worlds.

We are honored with a delightful spectrum of masterfully created artwork, as well as the opportunity to show art created by Northwest artists.

The David Joyce Gallery will publish a Call to Artists for Spring 2016. We encourage submissions from all artists. All information can be found on our Facebook page.

Also on loan/ display: David Joyce's "Flight Patterns" 

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The current exhibit "Human to Human Connectoins" runs through April 21, 2016.

Open M-Th, 8-4 and during special events at the Center for Meeting and Learning in Building 19.

If you wish to know more about the artists, purchase work or have questions, contact Susan Detroy, Gallery Director: detroys@lanecc.edu .