Self-portrait in bronze sculpture by Valery Yevdokimov

Accreditation is a process that allows a college to examine its practices, policies, and services, thereby determining how successfully it fulfills its mission and goals. The process evolves over several stages of self-study, with each stage culminating in a report (1-year, mid-cycle at 3 years, and 7-year) for review by peer evaluators representing the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Collecitvely, these reports address the ways in which the college meets the NWCCU Accreditation Standards and Policies.

Since receiving the affirmation of accreditation from NWCCU in early January 2015, the college has spent significant time making improvements to planning and overall intstitutional effectiveness, as well as other key organizational areas highlighted by the commission. The college's efforts are described in the September 2015 Year One Self-Evaluation Report and the March 2016 Ad Hoc Report.

In February 2016, the college received the NWCCU letter accepting the 2015 Year One Self-Evaluation Report and stating that the college's responses to Recommendations 1 and 3 are now substantially in compliance with the criteria for accreditation. In July 2016, the college received the NWCCU letter explaining that the college's responses to Recommendations 2 and 7 are also now in compliance. The response to Recommendation 6 is substantially in compliance but in need of improvement. The college received a Warning based on the responses to Recommendations 4 and 5.

The college is currently working on its Mid-Cycle Evaluation Report, due in the fall of 2017. This report focuses on the assessment of student learning, and it will include responses to Recommendations 4, 5, and 6. The peer evaluators will be on campus October 23-24 to conduct the site visit.

This website supports the ongoing work of self-study by sharing information, inviting feedback, and fostering dialogue within the college community.