Preview Essay Questions

2020/2021 Scholarship Essay Questions.

Answers will be limited to 170 words for each question. Each essay is a unique question and answers should not be repeated. 

1. What are your specific educational plans and career goals and why? What inspires you to achieve them?

2. Explain how you have helped your family or made your community a better place to live. Please provide specific examples.

3. Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you used to achieve it.

4. Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your life. How did you respond and what did you learn about yourself from that experience?

5. Tell us about your paid work history. What jobs have you held in the past five years and how many hours did you work at each job? What were your main responsibilities? List any special accomplishments or recognition.

6. Besides working and attending classes, what activities are you involved with? Is there a special passion you have for these activities? Summarize time spent on each activity. Highlight leadership roles, special accomplishments or recognition received.