Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

As our world becomes increasingly globalized, International Programs seeks to support Lane Community College to internationalize curriculum, serve nonnative speakers of English and international students and create study abroad opportunities.   We are committed to working together with faculty and staff to support professional development opportunities and resources across this spectrum.

Tips for working with nonnative speakers:

Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Northwest International Education Association (NIEA)

The Northwest International Education Association (NIEA) supports the internationalization of the curriculum in the northwest. They offer mini-grants to support curriculum internationalization, a two-day annual summer institute for community college faculty in partnership with University of Washington's Center for Global Studies, and can provide J visa support for hosting faculty, scholars and teaching assistants.

Apply now for the NIEA’s mini grant program! Deadline to apply is April 27, 2018.

The purpose of the mini-grants are to encourage faculty in member schools to internationalize their curriculum. The grants are intended to assist faculty in designing new courses, making comprehensive revisions to existing courses, or adding modules to existing courses. Course materials that are developed with an NIEA award are available to any instructor in any member college. The NIEA Board strongly encourages submissions from ALL academic areas, especially in math and science. Awards have been given to courses in Anthropology, Business, Environmental Science, History, Humanities, Politics, Speech, and many other disciplines. For more information, please visit the NIEA mini-grant webpage where you can download an editable version of the application.

NIEA Mini-grant Evaluation Criteria 2017

NIEA Mini-grant Application 2018

The 2017 Community College Global Master Teacher Institute (CCMTI) application is now open. The theme will be Global Human Security: A Multidiciplinary Perspective. For more information about the CCMTI, please visit the NIEA events page. To fill out the application for 2017 CCMTI, please click here.

Oregon East Asia Network

The Oregon East Asia Network (OEAN) links the faculty of ten different research institutions of higher education and six different community and government organizations for the purpose of promoting cooperation, collaboration, and creativity among and between East Asianists in the region. It is sponsored by the University of Oregon’s U.S. Department of Education Title VI East Asia National Resource Center.

Funding for activities that foster collaboration and cooperation between Oregon East Asianists is available. Some possible activities that could qualify for funding include:

  • Inviting someone from the network to speak on an East Asia topic at your institution.
  • Travel funding to attend a conference or event at another network institution.
  • Funds to co-sponsor events hosted by other network institutions.
  • Research Interest Groups, including the purchase of reading materials and assistance with travel costs of network members.

Transnational and/or interdisciplinary activities focused on East Asia are encouraged. To apply for OEAN funding, please complete our online application. If you have any questions about OEAN, please email Holly Lakey at lakey@uoregon.edu.

Fulbright Opportunities in International Education

Community Colleges for International Development

Lane is a member of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID). This nonprofit organization provides support for internationalizing community colleges. They sometimes have professional development funding to support attending conferences, study abroad development, and internationalizing curriculum.

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