Sustainability Plans

Sustainability Plans

In 2006, Lane Community College (LCC) became one of the first signatories of the American College and University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), whereby LCC committed to systematically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality for all of its College operations across Lane County by the year 2050. Signatories commit to:

  • Develop and regularly update a Climate Action Plan for becoming carbon neutral
  • Complete comprehensive greenhouse gas inventories
  • Submit updated greenhouse gas inventories and progress reports every two years

Climate Action Plan

Lane Community College's first Climate Action Plan was adopted in May 2011. An update to the first plan was completed and adopted in December 2018. The Climate Action Plan is a living document that serves as the College guide to achieve carbon neutrality; the document will received numerous updated between now and 2050.

Sustainability Plan

Inspired by the Oberlin Project, Lane's Sustainability Committee took on the task of developing a Sustainability Plan during the 2011-12 school year. To kick off the planning effort, the Committee hosted a Sustainability Plan Facilitated Visioning Session on February 12, 2012 at which forty employees and students provided input on a vision for the plan. The Sustainability Committee offered another opportunity for Lane employees to provide input during an all-staff inservice on May 4, 2012.

The current draft of the plan is the culmination of input received during the 2/13/12 & 5/4/12 sessions.

Sustainability Planning Organizational Chart

Sustainability planning at Lane developed through grassroots efforts of many different individuals and groups. In 2011, the Sustainability Committee saw that Lane had several different plans & policies relating to sustainability, but no overarching sustainability plan. As a result, the Committee elected to begin work on this Sustainability Plan that will serve as an umbrella document underwhich all other sustainability planning will be housed. This organizational chart of all of Lane's sustainability planning, helps show the connections and hierarchies between the various plans and policies.