Tips for Scholarship Research and Applications

Scholarships: Tips for Scholarship Research and Applications

Research scholarships and other funding sources. The more scholarship applications you complete, the better you will become at it, and you will have more opportunities to be awarded a scholarship.

  • One year in advance, contact all colleges that you are applying to for the next academic year and request a list of their scholarship opportunities. Access each college's website for scholarship listings and financial aid resources.
  • Budget time to research computer databases for scholarship opportunities (U of O, Lane, Oregon Career Information System and internet sites such as and through books in libraries.
  • View a "research questionnaire" to help you get started.
  • Track all scholarship possibilities, including information about where to write or call for applications.
  • List the helpful resources you come across. It is likely you will want to look at them again.
  • Use a variety of internet search engines to help you find scholarship websites and resources. By typing in keywords (example: Oregon, scholarships, biology) that apply to you. You'll uncover additional potential resources.
  • You may want to register with one or more of the internet scholarship warehouse sites that will then notify you of appropriate scholarship opportunities.
  • Be wary of "scholarship scams" and organizations that will do your search for you for a fee. You can find out more information about "scams" at the following website: go to The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid
  • Use a tracking chart to organize the process.
  • When transferring to another college, research scholarships that college's scholarship website at least one year in advance.