Success Stories

image of Carter Rick with metal project
Some attendees fabricated tool trays and piggy banks. Others practiced their finesse at using a boom and bucket on an excavator to lift and move a heavy jumble of machine tracks.
Paying for tuition is not the only concern of today’s college students. There’s also the additional expense of textbooks. Lane’s effort to reduce the cost of textbooks for students has surpassed the $1 million mark, according to Open Educational Resources librarian Meggie Wright. “OERs are resources that people publish with an open license on top of a traditional copyright,” explains Wright. It means students can access or download materials online for free.
A warming shelter on campus gives disadvantaged students critical support to help them transform their lives. And sometimes, it even saves a life.
Discovered his life’s passion by reading “Manuelo the Playing Mantis” at the library when he was six years old
first health information management online degree awarded
Employers check out manufacturing training at LCC
Students will qualify for more jobs
Transfer to UO School of Architecture opens doors
skills competition at the 2017 Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show