Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Apply your learning outside of the classroom through an internship, service learning experience, study or work abroad, or leadership role on campus. The goals of experiential learning are to:

  • Engage with the community through civic growth
  • Take ownership of your own lifelong learning
  • Apply knowledge and theory to real world experiences
  • Gain leadership skills and develop career ambitions

Experiential Learning Program Design

We offer a variety of options for you to fulfill your experiential learning: Academic Experiential Learning, Service Learning, and Leadership. Choose the type of experiential learning that best fits your academic course of study, career goals, and personal situation.

We recommend that you meet with our experiential learning coordinator to verify that your chosen experiential learning activity meets Honors Program criteria. Experiential learning activities must be verified through the Lane Honors Program; unverified activities will not count toward Honors Program requirements. Once you have fulfilled time and documentation requirements, notify the Honors Faculty Coordinator.

Academic Experiential Learning

Through academic experiential learning, you will incorporate a learning experience outside of the classroom while earning academic credit.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-op) offers career/technical and college transfer credit for practical work experience related to your educational and career goals. Co-op gives you an opportunity to apply theory learned in the classroom to work experience in a career field or engage in intensive service learning. The objective of Co-op is to provide an on-the-job learning experience in a business or organization which adds meaning and direction to the your total education.

Study Abroad

Lane offers a limited but growing number of study abroad opportunities. For information on specific programs, see Study Abroad.

Work Abroad

Work in an international setting for a full quarter and earn twelve elective credits, six of which may be applied to your Honors Program requirements. Work abroad is available all terms including summer, but you must apply six months in advance. Financial aid may help cover the cost of an international work experience; however, international work experience costs more than a typical term at Lane. For full information, see International Co-op.

Service Learning

Choose from taking a course that includes service learning, enrolling in a special Service Learning Cooperative Education course, or serving as a peer mentor in the Counseling Department.

Service Learning Courses

Lane offers a variety of courses that either require or offer an optional service learning assignment. See Service Learning at Lane for information.

Service Learning Cooperative Education

Enroll in a service learning cooperative education course and earn three elective credits (108 work hours) at a community site or on a project for a community partner. Learn about relevant issues and contribute to the work of the organization. Address real community needs, practice critical thinking, citizenship and civic responsibility, develop skills, explore career options, and network with professionals. Set your learning objectives and participate in faculty-led guided reflection activities.

Student Service Associate (SSA)

Become a Student Service Associate (SSA) and serve as a peer guide in the Counseling Department. SSAs are trained paraprofessionals who guide fellow students with regard to college resources, services and procedures. SSAs serve as positive role models, provide outreach to diverse student groups, and assist with campus-wide events. Plan ahead; applications are accepted Spring term only.


Take on a significant leadership role in a student or college organization. A significant role means holding an officer position in an organization such as the following:

You may also elect to participate in college initiatives to fulfill the experiential learning requirement.

Experiential Learning Coordinator

Gerry Meenaghan is the Honors Experiential Learning Coordinator. When you schedule your appointment, please send him the following information:

  • Three different days/times that work for you. Gerry will let you know which one fits his schedule best.
  • The degree are you planning to earn at Lane
  • Whether or not you attended other colleges before enrolling at Lane
  • If you attended another college, what you studied
  • What your plans are after you graduate from Lane
  • A brief description of your prior volunteer experience
  • A brief description of your employment history
  • A copy of your resume if you have one in .doc/.docx or .pdf file format


Gerry Meenaghan
Cooperative Education Coordinator
email: meenaghang@lanecc.edu
phone: 541-463-5883