Lane’s Equity Lens

Lane’s Equity Lens - Introduction

In 2016 Lane’s Diversity Council made a commitment to facilitating the development of an Equity Lens for Lane in collaboration with stakeholders from across the college. As part of the planning for development of the Equity Lens, the employees of the college were invited to participate in an Employee Experience Survey to identify initial areas of focus. To see the report of aggregated data from the survey, please see the Employee Survey Report

An additional part of the planning process involved Diversity Council members researching other Equity Lens models already in use. Below you can find links to the models we considered:

Lane’s Equity Lens will focus on three primary areas: Access, Equity, and Inclusion. Previously adopted plans for Equity Lens Implementation work can be found here: Diversity Plan.

Download Links for LCC's Current Equity Lens Toolkit and toolkit Presentation (PDF of Presentation) Sign-In Sheet