Women's Program


Women's Program - Empowerment through education

Building 1, Room 202 ~ (541) 463-5353

The Women's Program

We provide integrated, comprehensive services and programs for women and a variety of gender equity activities and projects. The program ensures that women students have access to programs and services tailored to their needs and that the campus climate is sensitive to gender issues. Major program components include the Women's Center and Women in Transition.

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Women's Program is to provide an educational environment where women are empowered to improve their lives.

Women's Program 2009 staff


  • Focuses on women's strengths and capacities.
  • Offers women of diverse backgrounds opportunities to create community and pursue education and life goals.
  • Promotes the college's ability to build and sustain a welcoming and supportive learning environment for women and create gender equity throughout the college community.
  • Offers programs, advocacy, information, classes, advising, support services, counseling and referral, and maintains and strengthens relationships with the community.