WebCAPE Testing Information

WebCAPE Spanish/French Waiver Testing

Webcape lotoLane Community College Language, Literature, and Communication Division allows students to test into advanced Spanish and/or French courses through the WebCAPE testing system.

Steps to take the test

  1. Before you sign up for the test: apply online to Lane Community College to become a Lane student. After completing your online admissions, you will receive an email with your Lane ID number (L#).

  2. Preparing for the tests:  This placement test is intended only for those who feel they have surpassed the introductory level of Spanish (SPAN 101) and/or French (FR 101) college courses.

  3. Testing appointment: Testing is on a first-come, first-serve, walk-in basis and is contingent on availability of space (Standard placement testing has priority, greater availability earlier in the term). Ideal check-in time is 10 AM or 2:00 PM.

  4. Photo ID is required for testing: HS/College Student ID, Passport, Driver License, State/Federal/Tribal ID. Foreign ID gladly accepted.

The Testing Department is located in Building 1, Room 116 at Lane Community College Main Campus, 4000 East 30th Avenue, Eugene, OR.

  • After testing, to register for classes beyond SPAN 101/FR 101, please see the Language, Literature, and Communication office in the Center Building (CEN 457).

Basic information about the WebCAPE

Foreign language departments are continually faced with the task of advising and placing freshmen and transfer students in appropriate courses. This decision is often based primarily upon the number of classes the student has previously taken in the language. However, placement on this basis does not take into account several important factors which determine the student’s actual proficiency with the language, such as the effectiveness of the student’s past teacher(s), the specific information covered, extracurricular or other out-of-class exposure to the language.

Questions regarding the test, contact the Testing Office:
Email: testingoffice@lanecc.edu
Phone: 541-463-5324

If you have questions regarding the Language Studies Department you may email Candice Johnson at: johnsonc@lanecc.edu.