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Sustainability and Learning Committee

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The Sustainability in Learning Committee began after two focused conversations about Sustainability in Curriculum that were called by Lane's Vice President for Instruction and Student Services, Sonya Christian, in late 2004 and early 2005. From focused conversations, a group of Lane faculty, concerned about sustainability in learning, and Lane's Sustainability Coordinator began meeting regularly to implement actions agreed upon at these first two gatherings. The initially projects for the Sustainability in Learning Committee were:

  1. Inventory of existing classes currently covering sustainability issues. (Done in 2005)
  2. Define principles of sustainability (done and adopted as core value in March 2007)
  3. Investigate degree and curriculum requirements (on-going)
  4. Summer Academy organized around sustainability (Hosted Oregon Bioneers Conference in 2005 & 2006. Hosted Conference on Sustainability for Oregon Community Colleges in 2007. Hosted League for Innovation Sustainability Symposium in 2007. Hosted National Conference on Sustainability in 2008. Currently working on a Precautionary Principle Academy for October 2008).
  5. Organizational Learning - How do we educate the organization about sustainability? (The Sustainability in Learning Committee organized the programming for the Sustainability Themed 2006 spring conference and have worked on several other educational events in the past three years.)
  6. How can the campus be organized to be a sustainable organization? (This is on-going work of the sustainability group).