Living Green Fund Request Form

Lane’s Living Green Fund Request Form

Please complete this form to be considered for funding from Lane's Living Green Fund.

Type of resource for your project:

Water Efficiency - (examples: low flow water fixtures, dish washers, rain water harvesting, storm water systems, pervious pavement, etc)
Energy Efficiency - (examples: efficient lighting; day-lighting, LED lighting, lighting controls. plug load controls; timers, occupancy sensors, heating/cooling, refrigeration, equipment and/or controls. insulation, weatherstripping, etc. Includes active or passive solar thermal solar heating and/or cooling systems)
Resource Efficiency/Materials Management & Purchasing - (examples furniture; composting/recycling systems; paper management systems, etc)
Renewable Energy - (examples: solar electric generation, geothermal systems for heating, cooling & hot water; wind generation systems)

(Limit 1200 characters)

How much are you planning on spending:
$50 to $9,999 - (break room improvements, office energy efficiency)
$10,000 to $49,999 - (equipment purchase; area upgrades)
equal or over $50,000 - (usually space remodels, building additions)