Student Legal Services

Legal Services


Legal Services is a student benefit funded by the Student Activity Fee. Legal aid and advice is available to all students who take lecture classes for credit on Lane's main campus. During an eligibility check, the student's records are reviewed to verify that they have paid the mandatory student activity fee at the time of the request. Students who take online-only courses, ABSE classes, noncredit classes, or courses at satellite campuses are not eligible for this service.

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Legal consultation and advising is provided by:
Access the Law 
245 West 13th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401.

Access the Law is a not-for-profit law firm dedicated to serving the needs of students and those of modest means. A team of practicing attorneys are available for a number of hours each week during fall, winter, and spring terms with limited hours available during summer term.


To make an appointment, please contact Access the Law directly.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance. There are no drop-in services. When requesting an appointment, you will need to provide your L-number and state the nature of the legal matter. Their legal secretary will contact the college to verify eligibility. You should bring a copy of your current term schedule to the appointment to verify your continued status as a fee-paying student.


If you have general questions about the service and whether you are eligible, you may contact:

Elizabeth Pratt
Administrative Specialist