How is a person found eligible for Specialized Support Services?

To receive employment services and training from Specialized Support Services, a person must have a Developmental Disability, or other cognitive limatation which is documented by qualified professional (usually a physician).

What is a "Developmental Disability"?

The Oregon Administrative Rule section 411-320-0020 definition:

(17) "Developmental disability" means a neurological condition that:

(a) Originates before the individual reaches the age of 22 years, except that in the case of intellectual disability the condition must be manifested before the age of 18; and
(b) Originates in and directly affects the brain and has continued, or is expected to continue, indefinitely; and
(c) Constitutes a significant impairment in adaptive behavior as diagnosed and measured by a qualified professional; or
(d) Is not primarily attibuted to other conditions, including but not limited to mental or emotional disorder, sensory impairment, substance abuse, personality disorder, learning disability, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

For more information on Eligibility and Screening contact Lane County Office of Developmental Disabilities