Earth and Environmental Science

Welcome to the Earth and Environmental Science Discipline!

Geology field tripEarth and Environmental Science Discipline (EES) provides courses in Geology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Oceanography. Many of our students use these courses to fulfill their AAOT requirements for science courses with lab or take them because they are interested in the subject. We encouraged Geology Majors to take the G 201-203 series. We also offer a 100 level Geology series G 101-103 for non-science majors that can be taken in any order. Our Environmental series ENVS 181-184 emphasizes environmental issues involving first land (181), then air (182) and then water (183). Check our courses link for more detail on any of our courses.

In Spring 2006, we began offering G 146 Rocks and Minerals and G 147 National Parks Geology. These courses are suitable for people with general geological interest and also fulfill AAOT requirements. We encourage rock hounds and park goers to take these courses to enrich their collecting and park experiences.

Some students prefer distance learning courses. We offer two telecourses: Earth Revealed and Oceanography.

EES students are invited to participate in other activities. We run geologic field trips each term. The Bob Wills Geological Society was created for students who complete Sarah Ulerick's geology sequences. The Society occasionally sponsors events for students interested in geology and may become an official club someday.