Scholarship Highlights

Scholarship Highlights

Check out these scholarships!

These lists are just a small sampling of the thousands of national scholarships available. Stop by our office in Bldg. 1 Rm. 101 for personal assistance finding scholarships.

January Scholarships

A table showing a sampling of national January scholarships.
Deadline Scholarship Award Eligibility
01/01 Anchell Photography $1,000 Photography
01/01 Chairish $2,500 Interior Design
01/01 Brain Cradle $2,000 Full Time Student
01/01 Campervan Finder $2,500 Full Time Student
01/10 Army Women’s Foundation $1,000 Women/Army
01/10 Alert-1 $500 Senior Caregiver
01/10 Pride Foundation $Varies LGQTB
01/15 Hope for Healing $5,000 Behavioral Health
01/15 Providian Medical Supplies $500 Health
01/15 Senior Advice $2,000 US Resident
01/15 John Lennon Scholarship $Varies Music
01/17 RTDNA Scholarship $Varies Radio/Television
01/20 Cleanup.Expert Scholarship $Varies US Citizen
01/22 APIAS Scholars $Varies Asian/Pacific Islander
01/27 Point Foundation $Varies LGQTB
01/31 Barry Goldwater $7,500 STEM

February Scholarships

A table showing a sampling of national February scholarships.
Deadline Scholarship Award Eligibility
02/01 Women in Mathematics $Varies Women/Math
02/01 Stacey Scholarship Fund $Varies Visual Art
02/05 Boren Awards $Varies Travel Abroad
02/27 Jeannette Rankin Scholarship $Varies Women Age 35+
02/28 NAWIC $2,500 Construction
02/28 Scholars Helping Collars $1,000 Animal Volunteer
02/29 Military Benefit Association $2,300 Veteran/Military
02/29 Fair Divorce Legislation $1,000 Currently Enrolled
02/29 Valentine’s Day Scholarship $1,000 US Resident

If you experience any difficulties submitting your application or need help reviewing your personal statements or essays, stop by the Welcome Center in Bldg. 1 Rm. 101 for help.