ALS English as a Second Language Courses

English as a Second Language


Each WR093 section is connected to an EL113 section. When students register, they will be prompted to register for a specific pair of classes. WR093 will also require department approval.

EL113 Connections: Specific Study Skills (3 credits, may be transferrable as an elective)

EL113 is a co-requisite for students in WR093. Students will develop and strengthen their critical reading, thinking, and writing skills.  Together, EL113 and WR093 integrate these skills to prepare students for college-level writing.

WR 093 - ESL: College Writing (3 developmental credits)

Co-requisite: EL113. English language learners will develop more competence in writing. Students will learn skills in paragraph and essay writing with an emphasis on development and organization techniques. Students will also learn advanced grammatical concepts and produce essays that reflect that knowledge. Students will demonstrate control and understanding of the writing process: generate and organize ideas, write drafts, revise and edit multi-paragraph essays. Students will also use critical reading skills to analyze essays and improve their own writing. Students will submit papers using word processing software.

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