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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a dance major to take classes?

  • All of our dance classes are open to anyone who would like to take them (with proper experience for the higher level classes). If you would like pursue a degree in Dance, please be sure to set up an advising meeting with Bonnie Simoa, Lead Dance Faculty, simoab@lanecc.edu

Do I need to audition for classes?

  • No. You can register directly for dance classes. If you are unsure about the level, talk to Bonnie Simoa, Lead Dance Faculty simoab@lanecc.edu or the instructor of the course to choose the class that matches your skill level.

What are the performance opportunities?

  • There are three main performance opportunities: Collaborations Dance Concert held Winter Term (auditions in early Fall term), The Works student dance concert in the Spring, and Open Show each term for all classes. [Include link to "Performance tab"]

What do I wear/ Where could I get dance clothes?

  • There is not a harsh dress code at LCC. Clothing should be comfortable to move in, be form fitting so that the instructors can see your alignment, and cover your body appropriately. Shoes: Ballet shoes are required for ballet classes. Modern classes are done in bare feet. Hip Hop classes require clean, non­marking, tennis shoes that are only worn in class. Social and World dance classes require different types depending on the instructor. Please contact your instructor directly. Instructor emails are available on our Faculty page.

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How much are the classes?

  • Degree seeking students:
  • Most of the dance classes are 2 credit courses, for 2013/14 tuition is $93 per credit, see current tuition costs for current information.

Are there scholarships for dance here at LCC?

Where are the dance studios and dance faculty offices?

  • Studios 132 and 136 are on the ground floor at the north end of Bldg 5. Faculty offices are in Bldg 6: Part­time Faculty office in 135, and Bonnie Simoa, Lead Dance Faculty in 136. There is also a Part­time Faculty office attached to Studio 136 in Bldg 5. which is accessed from the outside on the east side of the building.

What kind of career can I get with a dance degree?

  • There are a variety of career opportunities for dance majors including performance, education, choreography, lighting design, and stage managing. Some of the lesser known careers in dance are grant writing, videography, dance administration, dance criticism/journalism, photography, dance therapy, physiology, and dance historian. Dancers make great managers, team workers and team builders in any field. LCC provides training opportunities for the serious dance student in many of these fields. However, since most fields in dance are highly competitive, it is important for the student to have the commitment and determination to succeed.