Career Pathways Certificates

Career Pathway Certificates

Career Pathway Certificates of Completion (CPC) are between 12-44 credits and are fully embedded in an Associate of Applied Science degree or One Year Certificate. They acknowledge proficiency in specific technical skills and are a "milestone" toward completion of a more advanced program. CPCs help students qualify for entry level jobs, enhance their current program, or advance in their current field of employment.

At Lane we divide certificates into two categories; Model A: Beginning and Model B: Advanced

Model A entry level: These are front end certificates ideal for students transitioning from Adult Basic Skills, English as a Second Language or dislocated workers looking for entry level jobs in a new career field, or those interested in short term training. These certificates may be taken independently and require minimal academic prerequisites or professional preparation.

Model B advanced: These are advanced certificates ideal for professional development of those currently employed, or those seeking to enhance their current or previous educational path. They support the development of specialized skills within a career field. In many cases they require either significant academic prerequisites or demonstrated professional expertise.

*LTOY (Less Than One Year) is a certificate that is not fully embedded in a degree

Career Communities:

Arts and Communications

MIDI and Audio Production CPC (Model B)
MIDI Production CPC (Model B)
Music Technology AAS Roadmap 

Computer Science and Information Technology

Front End Web Development CPC (Model A)
Database Specialist CPC (Model B)
Mobile Application Development CPC (Model B)
Computer Programming AAS Roadmap 

Computer Network Monitoring and Management CPC (Model B)
Computer Network Operations AAS Roadmap 

Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism

Baking and Pastry Certificate of Completion (Model A)
Culinary Arts AAS Roadmap 

Early Childhood Teacher Aide CPC (Model A)
Infant and Toddler CPC (Model B)

Guidance and Curriculum CPC (Model B)
Early Childhood Education AAS Roadmap 

Addiction Studies CPC (Model A)
Human Services/Addiction Studies Roadmap

Health, Medical, and Fitness

Group Exercise Instructor CPC (Model A)
Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist AAS Roadmap 

Basic Health Care CPC (Model A)
Medical Coding CPC (Model B)
Health Information Management AAS Roadmap 

Industrial Trades, Technology, Transportation and Apprenticeship

Geographic Information Science Certificate of Completion (Model B)

Manufacturing Technician 1 CPC (Model A)
Manufacturing Technician 2 CPC (Model A)
Manufacturing Technology AAS Roadmap 

Unmanned Aerial Systems: Geographic Information Science CPC (Model B)
Unmanned Aerial Systems: Aerial Photography CPC (Model B)

Unmanned Aerial Systems AAS Roadmap 

Shielded Metal Arc Welder CPC (Model B)
Wire Drive Welder CPC (Model B)
Welding Processes AAS Roadmap 

Drafting: Commercial Construction (Model B)
Drafting: Residential Construction (Model B)
Drafting: Manufacturing (Model B)

Drafting AAS Roadmap