Office of Student Engagement

Office of Student Engagement

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The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) encourages students to engage in learning without limits by advancing opportunities that allow for growth and development within and beyond the classroom setting. Through partnerships with several academic and student affairs departments on campus, we promote integrative learning and assist students with connecting to college resources and programs including student activities, student organization development, leadership programming, cultural competency community service, diversity, and multicultural education.

The Student Engagement website will be updated regularly, so make sure you check back periodically to see what programs are going on with the Office of Student Engagement. Also, feel free to contact our office by phone or stop by in person.

Leadership Development

Students wishing to take on a leadership position can do so within student government or a student club or organization. OSE offers several development courses and workshops to help students identify and develop leadership skills while at Lane. We are reimagining our leadership programs and are currently seeking input from students and campus partners about the types of leadership programs they believe would be most valuable. If you are interested in providing feedback about leadership programs or support for student organizations, we invite you to see any team member is the Office of Student Engagement here at Lane Community College.


Fun and friends are part of a Lane Community College experience. Join OSE and the campus community for a variety of events (including Welcome Day, Self-Care Day, Fuel Stations, BAM SLAM, POW WOW and so many more. Students can immerse themselves in any of the campus activities hosted each month by OSE.

OSE helps students execute their extra-curricular plans. From securing a rental car for a trip to creating marketing materials for an event to finding an artist or vendor to bring to campus, OSE can assist every step of the way.

Outcomes of Student Engagement

By participating in LCC’s social programs, students develop in several ways. They learn to

  • Engage in the community through program participation;
  • Conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner;
  • Make conscious efforts to balance education, work, and leisure time;
  • Initiate relationships with others; and
  • Expand their horizons and insight through exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.