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Welcome to Your Student Government!

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What is the ASLCCSG?

The Associated Students of Lane Community College (ASLCC) is the student body at the Lane Community College Main Campus. All credit students at the main campus who are currently enrolled and have paid the mandatory student activity fee are members the ASLCC. The Associated Students of Lane Community College Student Government (ASLCCSG) is an organization of elected and appointed students who represent the student body (ASLCC). Yearly, elections are held to choose who will represent ASLCCSG members in student government. The elected positions in student government are the President, Vice President, and 10 Senators-at-large.

What is your Student Government's mission?

The Associated Students of Lane Community College SG is an advocacy organization dedicated to serving and protecting the needs and interests of students. We do this by raising awareness about the issues that affect students, providing avenues for access to decision makers on a state and local level; and developing student leaders and organizations to directly influence issues that affect our communities. ASLCCSG is committed to working towards a more promising future for all students!

What is your Student Government's vision?

We envision a world of equality, where no one faces barriers because of their identity; where college education is free; where sustainable living is the norm; and a world where everyone is healthy and has equal access to secure housing and proper nutrition.

What does your Student Government do?

The purpose of the ASLCCSG is:

  • To provide for the social, cultural, educational, and physical development of its members.
  • To establish and foster the recognition of the rights and responsibilities of students to fellow students, the college, the community, the country, and humanity.
  • To insure that the student body is officially represented in all college-related activities and organizations.
  • To sponsor student organizations and provide limited funding for student clubs

What are your Student Government's values?

Our every decision is influenced by the following values. And because of this, we will remain true to these values and guiding principles while staying faithful to the purpose of a student government.

Your Student Government is an association that is considerate of each and everyone's individual needs and will conduct ourselves in a manner that is inclusive and fair to all.

We are an association that equally respects and values the opinions and views of others.

We are an association that welcomes all students, is cognizant of others' differing needs, and ensures that those needs and beliefs are officially represented.

Our actions and decisions ultimately affect all students. With this in mind, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and scrutinize our own work ethics before others.

The processes that we take in order to come to decisions will readily be available to all students and structured in a manner that is easily understood.

We understand that we are stewards of our environment and our community and , thereby, set forth practices that will benefit future generations to come.

How do you get involved in your Student Government?


ASLCC holds two separate meetings each week. A closed work session on Tuesday and a public senate meeting on Thursday. Additionally, all staff members and elected officials have posted office hours.

Senate Meetings:

  • Day of the Week: Thursdays, 4pm-6pm
  • Location: Center Building, Room 202
  • Description: These are the business meetings for ASLCC, student government. Meetings are open to the public. This is a forum for discussion on funding proposals, school policy changes, leadership trainings, conferences, speakers & events on campus, voter registration, and student suggestions.


We are located on the Lane Community College main campus in Building 1, Room 201

ASLCC Student Government
Lane Community College
4000 East 30th Avenue, Bldg 1 Rm 201
Eugene, Oregon 97405 USA


More Information:

For more information contact any ASLCCSG official or senator if you would like to:

  • Plan an event or activity
  • Become involved in student government
  • Serve on a college committee
  • Make suggestions or express concerns

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