About the Multimedia Design Program

About the Multimedia Design Program

Multimedia design is the creation and communication of art and ideas through a blending of classic techniques and new technologies.

The Multimedia Design Program at Lane offers an outstanding faculty, cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable guidance through the world of multimedia, and the ability to master industry-standard applications.

Our mission is to educate, train, and provide students with the skills they need to succeed in Multimedia Design. We are committed to providing our students with a quality education that will prepare them to get jobs and adapt to the many challenges of an ever-changing industry.

We offer state of the art equipment and advanced computer labs and software, a full video production studio, photographic film developing and printing facilities, a professional-style recording studio, a lavishly equipped MIDI lab, and more.

Classes focus on hands-on learning to ensure students have an opportunity to gain understanding and confidence in their field. Students will learn to use digital video cameras and editing software; to use still cameras and process their images; to record sounds, and adapt them for a variety of uses; to make music using MIDI synthesizers; how to write computer programs to support and enhance your projects; and the basics of creative design production.

Multimedia Design students learn how to create projects that entertain while educating, in a way that is dynamic and interactive. Projects may include a variety of video, audio, musical, photographic, animation, and/or graphic elements, and can be produced in the forms of web sites, computer games and programs, movies, music, commercials, short videos, finished art, printed media and more!

In addition, we offer you the opportunity of invaluable work experience while enrolled. Through our Cooperative Education program (internships), you'll acquire the professional and technical skills in demand in today's multimedia organizations.

The Multimedia Design program at Lane brings together the concepts of design and learned technological skills and translates them to the real world experience of hands-on production classes and Cooperative Education opportunities. With Lane's Multimedia Design program, you will get the foundation you need to be competitive in this exciting field.