Media Arts Advisory Committee

Media Arts Advisory Committee

Advisory committees play a critical role in the operation of Lane Community College's professional-technical programs. Through their members, they provide a cross-section of expertise and experience to effectively influence the direction and momentum of Lane's programs.

The Media Arts Advisory committee is a formally organized committee of citzens selected from the community. Our professional members work in the fields of advertising, design, education, web design, publishing, and printing, audio/video production, interactive multimedia, and arts education research and development.

Our members act as role models for their profession and mentor new colleagues while building their own network of professional relationships. Advisory members directly impact the way federal, state and local funds are spent while building a skilled work force.

The Media Arts Advisory committee is designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills students receive are current with those needed in the workforce. It is an important resource in helping Lane make wise decisions, resulting in the best education programs for the residents of Lane County.

Committee Members for 2012-2013

Jeremy Aasum
Adam Barton
Chris Berner
Sasha Castellino
Chris Elliott
Joel Lee
Jon Meyers
Adam Wendt
Jeff Goolsby
Teresa Hughes
Meredith Keene-Wilson

Participating Faculty:

Thomas Burton
Ian Coronado