Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy

Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy

Academia de Liderazgo de Verano - 2021

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hosted by Lane Community College and Downtown Languages

2021 PALA Pasos al Futuro Parent Program

Program Vision

The 2021 Puertas Abiertas/Pasos al Futuro Summer Leadership Academy will offer a parent component with the goal of informing parents on college planning that will facilitate successful high school completion and access to post-secondary education. Parents will become aware of the resources available to support the high school student experience as well as be informed the role of parents in the college planning process.

Zoom sessions will be provided, twice a month, from September-December. Parents may participate, as their schedule permits, or through a more formal, continuous interaction with the PALA/Pasos Summer Leadership Academy. A website listing college planning resources in Spanish and English will be created. Parents will have access to the material before each scheduled zoom session and will be offered an opportunity to receive a presentation of each topic and ask questions for any clarification. The goal is to ensured literacy for parents with the college planning process and proactive steps for a successful high school experience.

All Latino parents are welcome to join any session.

Parents Sessions Zoom Link: Join Zoom Parent Sessions Meeting - Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

2021 PALA Pasos al Futuro programa para padres

vision del programa

 La academia de liderazgo de verano Puertas Abiertas/Pasos al Futuro 2021 ofrecerá un componente para padres con el objetivo de informar sobre la planificación universitaria que facilitará la finalización exitosa de la escuela secundaria y el acceso ala educación postsecundaria. Los padres aprenderan sobre recursos disponibles para mejorar y apoyar la experiencia de los estudiantes de secundaria y tambien tomaran conciencia sobre la importancia de su role como padres en el proceso de planificación universitaria. Se ofreceran sesiones de zoom, dos veces al mes, de septiembre a diciembre. Los padres pueden participar, segun su horario, o mediante una interacción mas formal y continua con la academia de Liderazgo de verano 2021. Se creará un sitio web con una lista de recursos de planificación universitaria en español e ingles. Los padres tendran acceso al material antes de cada session de zoom programada y se les ofrecerá la oportunidad de recibir una presentación de cada tema y hacer preguntas por cualquier duda que surja. El objetivo es garantizar la educación de los padres con el proceso de planificación universitaria y los pasos proactivos para una experiencia exitosa en la escuela preparatoria. Todos los padres Latinos son bienvenidos a cualquiera de las 7 sesiones.

2021 Fall Puertas Abiertas/Pasos al Futuro Parent Schedule

Zoom Link: Join Parent Session Zoom Meetings - Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Seven Friday sessions on:

  • September 17 - Preparing for College/ preparación para la Universidad o colegio
  • September 24 - Choosing the Right College/Cómo Elegir la Universidad Correcta
  • October 8 - Navigating Financial Aid / navegación por la ayuda financiera
  • October 22 - Scholarships / becas
  • November 5 - College Application / proceso de solicitud de Universidad
  • November 19 - High School Requirements / requisitos de la escuela secundaria
  • December 3 -
    • Freshman/9th Grade/Noveno Grado
    • Sophomore/10th Grade/Décimo Grado
    • Junior/11th Grade/Undécimo Grado
    • Senior/12th Grade/Duodécimo Grado

Puertas Abiertas College Resources

About Puertas Abiertas Latino-Latina Rites of Passage

The Puertas Abiertas Latino/Latina Rites of Passage summer academy is an academic and cultural enrichment experience for Chicano/Latino high school students in Lane County. The primary goal of the program is to develop positive values and proactive habits that will maximize the students' opportunities for success. In the Puertas Abiertas ("Open Doors") academy, students learn about cultural history, how to excel in their classes, how to become a bicultural leader, and how to accomplish their goals. The program uses a cultural framework based on Mexican American, Latino/Latina, Caribbean, and Hispanic experiences.

Mission Statement

The Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy is an intense academic and cultural enrichment experience for Chicano/Mexicano/Latino high school students in Lane County. Puertas Abiertas students demonstrate a:

  • desire to learn about cultural history
  • desire to excel in academics
  • desire to become a bicultural leader and a
  • desire to accomplish goals

The Summer Academy serves to enrich and enhance the academic preparation for the college experience within a framework based on Mexican/Mexican American, Latina/o, Caribbean, and Hispanic experiences.


The goal of the program is to develop positive, proactive values and strategies that will maximize students' opportunities for bicultural success. Puertas Abiertas empowers Chicano/Mexicano, Latino/Latina students to negotiate North American mainstream culture while preserving the rich cultural foundations of the Chicano/Latino community. These goals are accomplished through a combination of classroom instruction, workshops, field trips, and interaction with Chicano/Latino community members.


The principal objectives of the Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy:

  • Exercise bicultural leadership in the schools and community
  • Promote personal growth, biculturalism, and self-confidence
  • Acquire in-depth awareness of educational and career opportunities
  • Gain an awareness of Mexican/Mexican American, Latino, Caribbean and Hispanic experiences in the Americas and schools
  • Foster successful transitions to Lane Community College and four-year colleges & universities.


The Summer Leadership Academy will prepare high school juniors and seniors to successfully transition into a college environment. Students will attend workshops presented by the University of Oregon and Lane Community College faculty and staff.

Presentations will focus on high school graduation requirements, college admission requirements, college academic programs, and available support services. Students will complete a portfolio containing scholarship applications and essays, college applications, and resumes. Enrollment in Puertas Abiertas is very competitive and will be limited to 25.


  • Students should be able to attend the full two-week experience, from 9:00 am-2:00 pm.
  • Students should be able to attend an opening orientation
  • Students should be able to attend a Bonding day More information

Contact Information:

Jim García
Chicano/Latino Student Program Coordinator
Phone: 541-463-5144
Email: garciaj@lanecc.edu