Test Taking Tips

Placement Test Taking Tips

  1. Be sure to get plenty of rest. If you are tired, you will have more difficulty concentrating on the questions.
  2. Pay careful attention to directions. Read each question carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked.
  3. Don't overstress. The purpose of the test is to place you into the most appropriate class for you. Don't be concerned if you don't know the answer to some of the questions. The test is intended to place you into courses that are the appropriate level of difficulty for you.
  4. Practice without a calculator. Although a calculator will pop up on the screen at times, you can't count on having one to use on every problem, so it's good to brush up on your arithmetic skills.
  5. Arrive early for your testing appointment.
  6. Spend some time reviewing before you test. Nearly all students can use some refresher on math skills they may have forgotten, so this may keep you from placing into a class that is lower than what you need.
  7. Make sure to let the testing staff know if you need special accommodations or have other questions about the process.