League Art Competition Past Winners

Lane's League Art Competition Past Winners

Each year five students are selected to represent Lane Community College at the League for Innovation National Art Competition.

The Lane League for Innovation Art Competition is a national competition that consists of 17 League Colleges. Each year, one college hosts the competition and produces a catalog containing student work from the selected Community College representatives.

2017 Lane League Student Art Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Lane League for Innovation Student Art Competition winners! The selected works will go to the national League for Innovation Student Art Competition to represent LCC. 

Clay Sculpture of a man and a dog
Love Me, Love My Dog, clay sculpture by Dawn Bredesen Craig

ink drawing of baby eating the string head of man playing a banjo popping out of a music box
Cultural Transference, drawing in ink by Jason Dallas

wood and metal unique shaped guitarlike instrument
Turn Your Back, mixed media sculpture by Ken Dinet

black and white photograph of small plastic car in the middle of the road
Driven, photograph by Trisha King

painting of person with a backpack in front of the moon
Apollo, painting by Nickolai Shawn Oakley

2016 Lane League Art Competition Winners

Tea and Saki (ceramic set) by Mitchell Henry

Ceramic tea and sake cups with images of Japanese women on a wooden stand

Age of Communication (sculpture installation) by Kody Green

small carved figurines on a large wood table attached by string to a carved figurine in the middle

Beautiful Tragedy by Jake Reynolds

black and white photo of a young man with a gun to his head with flowers on the other side of his head.

Untitled (ceramics) by Erika McFarlane

picture of two orangish closed ceramic tea pots

Ballet by Antonio Silva Paucar

black and white photo of a line of young ballet dancers with a reflection in the mirror of the parents and guardians taking pictures and watching

2015 Lane League Art Competition Winners

Hitch a Ride to the Freak Show by Amelia Salzman

Black and white picture of a colorful woman with a wig and plastic rabbit hitchhiking

In Dreams by Josh Gramley

collage of eight soft colored and somewhat blurred photos of flowers and trees, man in a bath tub and other dream subjects

Handmade Book by Ralph Bitter

picture of an accordian shaped bound book near a pink bag it is kept in with a pencil on the bag

Nude Study by Theo Nguyen

painting of a nude women's body with faint details in yellows, oranges and pinks

Broken Bones by Joslyn Jones (casted sculpture) *

Hanging cast metal of animal vertabrae and skull

*Joslyn's piece won first place in the national competition.