Innovation of the Year

Lane's Innovations of the Year

Every year the League honors outstanding innovations that have been recognized by member institutions as Innovations of the Year. These innovations represent capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded.

The criteria used to select the Innovation of the Year are:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Efficiency
  3. Affordability
  4. Replicability
  5. Creativity

Lane's Innovation of the Year Award is selected every Winter Term by a committee that consists of a volunteer pool of previous award recipients, LCC Foundation staff and Board members and Lane's League Representative. In the event that none of the nominations are deemed to be of a caliber of nationwide recognition, no award will be made for that academic year. 

Nominations for this year's Lane Innovation of the Year Awards are due by March 15, 2019. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Review the Selection Criteria and Submission Instructions and share the significant innovations that you have implemented this past year. Let others know by posting and sharing this flyer in your department and with your colleagues.

Lane Innovation of the Year Past Winners:


  • Stacey Kiser, Claudia Owen, Ce Rosenow, Susie Holmes, Christine Andrews, Paul Ruscher, Rosie Kirwin, and Barbara Dumbleton for "Underground Research Fair".
  • Michael Levick and Alen Bahret for "Dynamic Student Workshop List".


  • Dean Middleton and Lane's Design and Media Center staff for "Live Streaming: Available to Everyone at Lane Community College."
  • Randa Law, Karen Ash, Liz Coleman, Cheryl Shaw and Tammy Walters for "Resource Fair: Beyond Financial Aid- Bringing Students & Support Services Together."
  • Michael Levick, James Riley, Michelle Parish, and the Learning Commons Help Desk student workers for "HelpDesk Digital Daily Checklist System."
  • Casey Reid, Sarah Lushia, Cecilia Rosenow, Allie Crawford, and Marin Wadsworth for "Course-Embedded Tutoring: HIgh-Impact Practice for Increasing Student Success."
  • Michael Sims, Brian Kelly, Anna Scott, Becky Thill, Diego Llewellyn-Jones, Roger Ebbage, Josh Manders, Erik Westerholm, Bruce Alford, and Jennifer Hayward for "The Institute for Sustainable Practices at Lane Community College." 


  • Grant Matthews and the ALS reading and writing faculty and staff for "Faster and Better: How the ALS Developmental Reading and Writing Curriculum Redesign Saves Time and Money while Maintaining Best Practices."
  • Ian Coronado and the staff and faculty from Cooperative Education, Recycling and Surplus Property, Media Services, Academic Technology, Library and ABSE, and the students who worked on "Courage is Contagious: Students Inspire Student Through Digital Media."
  • Jace Smith, Brian Kelly, Joan Aschim, Todd Smith, Mark Richardson, Michael O'Neal, Clive Wanstall and the other staff, faculty and student who workd on "Lane Community College Warming Center."
  • Michael Levick, Alexandra Geddes-Osbourne, Karen Levine, and Josh Cox for "How to Moodle- Self-Paced Moodle Orientation for Students."
  • Pat Griffin and Darlene Baker for "Waitlist Texting with Status Page."