Innovation of the Year

Lane's Innovations of the Year

Every year the League honors outstanding innovations that have been recognized by member institutions as Innovations of the Year. These innovations represent capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded.

 The criteria used to select the Innovation of the Year are:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Efficiency
  3. Affordability
  4. Replicability
  5. Creativity

Lane's Innovation of the Year Award is selected every February by a committee that consists of a volunteer pool of previous award recipients, Lane Foundation staff and Board members and Lane's League Representative. In the event that none of the nominations are deemed to be of a caliber of nationwide recognition, no award will be made for that academic year. 

Lane Innovation of the Year Winners:

2011-12 Death to the Red Pen: Providing Rich & Timely Student Feedback Using Screencasts

Christina Howard

2010-11 Sustainabiltiy Associate of Applied Science Degree

Team Members: Margaret Robertson, Susie Cousar, Claudia Owen, Jennifer Hayward

2009-10  Health Professions On-line Advising

Team Members: Tammy Simpson, Jessica Alvarado, Jess Reynolds, Lori Kramer, Lisbeth Anderson, Patsy Escobaar, Bree McKenzie, Michael Levick, Jill Sigfried, Dean Middleton

2008-09 Agricultural Business Management Program

Team Members: Jim Lindly, Shirl Meads, ross Penhallegon, Gene Hamacher

2007-08 Back On Course

Team Members: Melinda dunnick, Debby Ganser, Anthony Hanmpton, Beth Landy, Shirley Lukacs, Geneva martin, Mary Parthemer, Casandra Rhay, Devin Robel, Christina Salter, Doug Smyth

2006-07 Learning Community: Excavating Creativity-Movement, Image and Text

Team Members: Margaret Bayless, JS Bird, Bonnie Simoa

2005-06 Lane Community College Health Clinic

Team Members: Marie Matsen, Sandra Ing-Wiese, Dennis Carr, Mona Arbuckle, Duke Vandervort

2003-04 Energy Management Program

Team Members: Roger Ebbage, Energy Management Program/NEEI Director, Kyle Hammon, Science Division Chair, Coco Sutton, Project Specialist, Ginny Young, Administrative Specialist

2002-03 Spanish Program's Learning Strategies Component

Team Members: Devon Budz, Juan Cuadros, Roma Cusimano, Armand Gagnon, Elizabeth Hall, Matthew Luke, Sylvie Matalon-Florendo, Bojana Stefanovska, Gloria Zabala

2001-02 Evening Weekend Project

Team Members: Diane Dann, Shannon Kracht, Debra Lamb, Eilene LePelley, Linda Loft, Kay Lutz-Ritzheimer, Carol Lynn Morse, Ken Murdoff, Sylvia Sandoz, Matt Schubert, Linda Simmons, Bob Way

2000-01 The Lane County Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

Team Members: Shelley Gaudia, Dixie Maurer-Clemons, Brian Moore, Derek Mpinga, Andrea Newton, Ann Marie Prengaman, Gayle Smith, Julianne Stermer, Larry Warford, Ginger Yamamoto

1999-00 Guided Studies Program

Team Members: Joan Benz, Mason Davis, Linda DeWitt, Phyllis Geyer, Edna Grass, Gail Hemsoth, Dan Hodges, Pat John, Cheryl Kempner, Ellen Lacey, Carolyn Litty, Maureen McGory, Carol Lynn Morse, Leigh Alice Petty, Elaine Pray, Leslie Rasor, Alice Whitenack, Tom Wiedeman, John Winquist, Linda Wong

1998-99 Community Learning Centers

Team Members: Anne Bacon, Nick Cheshire, Paul Colvin, Debra Lamb, Cynde Leathers, Bea McRae, Carol Lynn Morse, Jerry Nehring, Bob Vogel, Larry Warford