Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

Dr. Margaret Hamilton photo

Dr. Margaret Hamilton
LCC President
Phone: 541-463-5200
Email: hamiltonm@lanecc.edu

Donna Zmolek
Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Education
Phone: 541-463-5301
Email: zmolekd@lanecc.edu

Deborah Butler
Chief of Staff
Phone: 541-463-5608
Email: butlerd@lanecc.edu

Academic and Student Affairs

Paul Jarrell photo

Paul Jarrell, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice President
Phone: 541-463-5302
Email: Jarrellp@lanecc.ed

Grant Matthews
Associate Vice President, CTE/Workforce Development
Phone: 541-463-5375
Email: matthewsg@lanecc.edu

Jennifer Frei, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Phone: 541-463-5306
Email: freij@lanecc.edu

Mindie Dieu, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
Phone: 541-463-5900
Email: dieum@lanecc.edu

Phyllis Johnson
Executive Assistant to the Provost/Executive Vice President
Phone: 541-463-5344
Email: johnsonpl@lanecc.edu

Finance and Administration

Marty Hanifin
Vice President of Finance & Administration
Phone: 541-463-5310
Email: hanifinm@lanecc.edu

Greg Holmes
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 541-463-5516
Email: holmesg@lanecc.edu

Bill Schuetz
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Phone: 541-463-3355
Email: schuetzb@lanecc.edu

Mira Mason-Reader
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Finance & Administration
Phone: 541-463-5315
Email: mason-readerm@lanecc.edu