Telecourses include weekly video programs, textbooks, assignments and periodic exams. Students are required to use email and the Internet. Each telecourse has an assigned instructor who serves as a personal contact, answers questions, and evaluates examinations and assignments. Exams usually need to be taken on campus. Telecourses can be found on the web schedule with "Telecourse" in the Bldg/Rm column and a "T" in the note column.

  • All telecourse students need to log into Moodle during the first week of classes. Learn more about Moodle by exploring Moodle Help for Students. Log in as a guest if you're not already enrolled in a Moodle course.
  • Some telecourses have an optional orientation session during the first week of classes. Times are found on the web schedule under the course listing. If no orientation is listed, then just log into Moodle where you'll find the syllabus, viewing schedule, and any online orientation materials.

Telecourse Viewing Options

Telecourses can be streamed online with a broadband connection. There is no charge for this service. Links to stream the video programs will be available in your Moodle class. Telecourses can also be viewed in the Lane Library and at the LCC Centers at Cottage Grove and Florence. DVD copies can be checked out of the Library for one week at no charge (need to show photo ID). A viewing schedule is included your syllabus. 

Here's how one student describes his experience taking a telecourse: