Live Video

Lane Online power button Live Interactive Video Courses

Students attend these courses on campus or participate from an off-campus location. Like other classes, you may attend in our studio classroom with the instructor in the same room, but you could also attend at a remote site. Video classes originate from our studio classroom and are sent over a video conferencing system to LCC at Florence, LCC at Cottage Grove, or other off-campus locations, and a few are broadcast live over cable television for viewing at home. The instructor presents in the classroom on the main campus while students at the off-campus sites see and hear the instructor and presentation and participate through the video conferencing system. Students enroll in the CRN for the location they want to attend, but not all courses are offered at all locations. Live classes are found in the web class schedule with a "V" in the note column.

  • Double check your class location, and register for the CRN for the location where you want to attend. Live Video courses will have multiple campuses, rooms, and CRNs listed - be careful to pick the one appropriate for you. 
  • Live courses require regular classroom attendance with one exception: if you have enrolled in a CABLETV section, it means that you will be watching the course at home on cable TV. You also have the options of watching the course on the internet streamed live or on YouTube after class time.
  • Arrive a few minutes early for class if possible. Video courses sometimes require 'start-up' time for the technology. Your teacher will likely be there and have things up and running already, but not always.
  • If you're enrolled in a course being broadcast on cable TV, you may want to record the program.