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Distance Learning offers the convenience and flexibility of technology-enhanced courses that work around your lifestyle.

Education anytime, anyplace.

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Hey students! Did you take an online, hybrid or telecourse this spring term? Please take a few minutes to give us your input. What did you like about the course? Would you take another one? Please tell us!

Spring 2017 LaneOnline Student Survey

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Online and hybrid courses will give you a great deal of independence, but with great independence comes greater responsibility!

To see if computer-based learning is for you, take our Online Readiness Quiz to help you identify your strengths and opportunities for growth related to learning in a virtual environment.

Two things you should know...

  1. Online classes are held almost entirely online in a classroom we call Moodle. Most online classes require you to take proctored exams – either on campus or at an approved testing center in your area.

    classes are partially online. Some work is done in Moodle, and some in the classroom.

  2. Online classes are not easier than their face-to-face equivalents. In addition to learning your course material, you must be able to:
    • Login
    • Cut, copy, paste
    • Upload, download
    • Email, attach
    • Post, comment, communicate, navigate, participate
    • Save, search, review, critique and edit content.