Tutoring is a wonderful way to support your learning, improve your grades, and get tips on how to study effectively. Many people think that most students getting tutoring are failing, but in fact the opposite is true! Students with top grades know how to use tutoring and you can be a student with top grades too!

International students at Lane have access to many tutoring resources on campus. Nearly every academic department offers tutoring. For a complete list and locations please visit Tutoring Services.

International students can also request a tutor specifically to help them improve their English language skills. These tutors are skilled in working with international credit and ESL students.

When and Where:

11 am – 3pm, Monday-Thursday, Weeks 2-10 of each team in Tutor Central, Center Building Room 215

6 pm – 9 pm, Monday and Wednesday, Weeks 2-10 of each term at Titan Court, 5th floor study lounge and Downtown Center, Room 232.

How does it work?

International students schedule a 30 minute or 1 hour weekly appointment with a tutor. The tutor will help you with writing or with oral skills. Both ESL and credit students are eligible!

You can drop in as well and if a tutor has time they will help you!

You can sign up during announced sign up times or with the form below