Tax Information

Tax Information for International Students

All international students who work in the U.S. must file tax forms with the federal U.S. government each year by April 15.  

While it is not a U.S. federal immigration law that you must file income taxes, it is a U.S. federal tax law. Immigration law requires you to follow all U.S. laws. Failure to follow U.S. tax laws could result in problems with immigration. 

If you have any questions regarding taxes, email Colby Sheldon at

Tax Forms

  • Federal Form 8843 -- File by April 15. Required for every international student and their dependents, even if you have not worked during the year.
  • Federal Form 1040NR-EZ -- File by April 15. Required if you earned any money during the year.
  • Oregon Form 40N -- (search for 40-N to find the current form) File by April 15. Required if you earned any money during the year.

Documents You Will Need

  • Travel history from your I-94 (you may get this from the I-94 webpage) or know exactly how many days you were in the U.S. for all of your years at Lane plus any previous schools.
  • Social Security Card, if you have one.
  • Form W-2 from Lane or your employer, if you are on CPT or OPT. Lane's Form W-2 may be available in your myLane account. Look in the My Employment tab.
  • Any other tax documents you received in the mail like Form 1042-S.
  • Earned interest (Form 1099-INT) for any bank accounts.
  • Your bank routing number and account number if you want your refund to be deposited directly into your bank account.

Options for Filing Taxes


Sprintax is an easy-to use, step-by-step tool that helps you file your taxes online. Just follow the simple instructions, and answer few questions, and Sprintax will do the rest. They have good prices and pretty good reviews, so you might want to consider using their services if you worked in the US last year, received grants, allowances, or stipends. Contact Colby Sheldon for a discount code for $5 off your filing fee

Tax Workshop

During Winter term, we host a tax workshop for all Lane international students. This year's workshop was held on March 10, 2020.

Complete Taxes Yourself 

You can download all of the forms and fill them out by yourself. provides general information on their Student Tax Return page. They have step-by-step instructions for filing your tax forms and an online guide to help you fill out your Form 8843.

If you have any additional tax-related questions, call the IRS directly at their toll-free number 800-829-1040 (expect a long wait).


Most international students on an F-1 visa are considered non-residents for tax purposes.

Consult a tax professional if you have questions concerning your residentcy for tax purposes or specific guestion about your tax returns.

NOTE: This tax information is intended for international students at LCC with typical income levels and sources. Seek professional tax advice for additional information. Remember, the staff in the International Program office is not trained as tax professionals and, therefore, are not authorized to give any tax advice by Oregon law.