Online Placement Test Instruction

Online Placement Test Instruction

Lane Community College offers online placement tests for new international students. Please read the instruction below to prepare to take the tests.

Step 1: Prepare for the placement test for English and Math
Step 2: Check your computer to make sure you are able to take the online test
  1. In order to take the test you will need to have access to the following:
    1. A webcam installed on your exam workstation and reliable access to the Internet. An internet connection disruption will suspend the test session. The following are minimum technical requirements:
    2. A well-working computer with 1 GB of RAM or higher
    3. A high-speed internet connection (3MBps). Wireless is acceptable; however a wired-connection is preferred
    4. A webcam with 640×480 video pixel resolution (a laptop camera is acceptable)
    5. Working speakers connected to the computer
    6. A microphone connected to the computer (consider a webcam with a built-in microphone)
    7. Flash player version 7 or higher
    8. Browser compatibility: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Step 3: Wait for an email to come to you from Accuplacer with your 8 digit voucher number in it
Step 4: After receiving your 8 digit voucher number, make your appointment to test through Examity.
  1. Register for online proctoring, selecting “Lane Community College Accuplacer - International” from the drop menu. In the event you need to reschedule or cancel your test, follow the instructions to do so on this account.
    1. Examity uses the term Voucher Number on their testing appointment notes, it is not the same as a Accuplacer Voucher Number.
  2. After receiving your 8 digit voucher number from Accuplacer, make your testing appointment through Examity. You should select the “Schedule Exam” page and the complete your profile (if necessary) then go back to schedule exam.

  3. Select Institution Name: “Lane Community College Accuplacer - International” -> Exam Name "Accuplacer"

  4. Choose your requested date and time from the calendar option. The time you are choosing is your local time zone (the time zone you selected when registering)

  5. Enter the Accuplacer voucher number that was issued to you via email

  6. Continue with the final instructions given.

  7. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your online proctored placement test. Please keep this email as it includes specific instructions to test on the date and time you have chosen.