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College Now - Credits with a Purpose

Monroe High School 2019-2020 - Articulation Agreement as of 6/30/2019

Get Ahead With College Now!

At Monroe High School, you can take College Now courses for Lane CC credit, getting you closer to the degree/career you want! Jump start your college career, talk to your HS counselor about taking a College Now course. FAQ for College Now courses.

Advising Notes

  • College Now math and writing courses may apply to several Career Tech programs
  • Specific general education courses may apply to several Career Tech programs
  • Refer to your myGradPlan in myLane, using the What-If Statement function to see what general education, writing, and math your program requires
  • Requirements for degrees and certificates are subject to change each year, contact Brenda Williams for advising.
    Phone: (541) 463-3443 Email:

Industrial Trades, Technologies, Transportation, Apprenticeship

All of the following courses lead to one or more of the following degrees/certificates:

Fabrication/Welding Technology (1-yr cert), Welding Processes (1-yr cert), Welding Processes: Shielded Metal Arc Welder (CPC), Welding Processes: Wire Drive Welder (CPC)

High School Course Title LCC Course Title Course Number Credits Instructor
Blueprint Reading for Welders Blueprint Reading for Welders WLD 111 1-4 Mulanax
Welding 1 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1 WLD 121 1-4 Mulanax
Welding 2 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 2 WLD 122 1-4 Mulanax
Welding 2 Wire Drive Welding 2 WLD 154 1-4 Mulanax
Metal Fabrication Wire Drive Welding 1 WLD 143 1-4 Mulanax
Welding 5 Wire Drive Welding 3 WLD 159 1-4 Mulanax
Welding 6 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I WLD 242 3 Mulanax
Welding 6 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II WLD 256 3 Mulanax