Physical Therapist Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated September 2018

What is the relationship between the program and Rogue Community College (RCC)?

LCC is in a partnership with RCC to provide laboratory instruction at the Table Rock campus in White City, Oregon. This partnership is valid for the class admitted on or before fall 2019. The partnership is reviewed annually by both LCC and RCC and our goal is to affirm the status of the partnership by the end of each fall term. Please check the Lane PTA Program Partnership with Rogue Community College page for the most current information.

What courses and activities do I need to complete my 2019 application?

All of the following courses need to be completed with a grade of C- or P by the end of winter term 2019 for fall 2019 entry:

  • Choose one Psychology course
    • PSY 201, or
    • PSY 202, or
    • PSY 215
  • Choose one Writing course
    • Either WR 121 or 121_H
    • WR 122 or 122_H,
    • WR 123, or 123_H
    • WR 227, or 227_H
    • Or a bachelor's degree (submitted with transcript)
  • Choose one Human Body Systems or Anatomy & Physiology course
    • HO 150, or
    • BI 102I, or
    • BI 231
  • Choose one Physical Science course
    • GS 104, or
    • PHY 101, or
    • PH 102, or
    • PHY 201, or
    • PHY 202
  • Medical Terminology
    • HO 100
  • Documented 16 hours PT or PTA observation in at least two clinical settings

Is there a way I can get extra points on the application?

  • Students may use best grade in HO 150 or HO 152 or BI 231, 232, or 233 for application points.
  • Students with military service (DD214) are eligible for additional application points.
  • Work experience points as PT Aide must meet the requirements listed in Oregon Administrative Rules for a PT Aide – other work experience is ineligible
  • There is no difference in application points for A or B grades in PSY, HO 100, and BI 231-233.
  • Basic Health Care Certificate completion is no longer accepted for extra points.

What is the program anatomy and physiology (A&P) requirement?

  • The A&P series of your choice must be completed in its entirety no later than fall 2019

I''m really interested in the PTA program. Are there any exceptions to the application guidelines, processes, or timelines?

No. Admission is based on application points. Applications submitted without completed prerequisites or the equivalents are incomplete and will not be considered. All application requirements must be completed on or before the application deadline. Applications are available on our Application Information page. You may also contact the Health Professions advisors at PTAProgram@lanecc.edu

It's been awhile since I have been in college. Do I need to retake any classes?

BI 231 or HO 150 must have been completed within the last seven years of your application. If you have worked in a related field within the last seven years and have prior course work equivalent to HO 150 or BI 231, you are invited to consult the program coordinator howardc@lanecc.edu to review your experience for equivalency. All other prerequisites or course equivalents do not need to be repeated to apply.

How many students will the main campus program accept? What are my chances in getting admitted?

Up to 20 students are annually accepted at the Eugene campus, and up to 8 students are admitted to the RCC-Table Rock campus Admission to the main campus is competitive and is based on a point system. Approximately 60 to 100 students apply each year. Points are awarded based on:

  • Grades in program prerequisites (except GS 104)
  • Level of Math completion (Math 65 or higher)
  • Additional points, if eligible
  • Program readiness as determined during a program interview

I'm concerned about the criminal background check, and alcohol and drug screens. How might these outcomes affect my program eligibility?

All students must complete a criminal background check and drug screen in order to begin placements in clinical settings. A clinical facility may exclude you if something in your background or alcohol and drug screen is flagged. If the program is unable to place you in a clinical setting due to something in your criminal background or alcohol and drug screens, you may not be able to complete the program. If you have any history of criminal activity or concerns about drug screen outcomes, you are encouraged to contact program advising, PTAProgram@lanecc.edu, or Beth Thorpe, ACCE, thorpeb@lanecc.edu

Do I have to be an Oregon resident to be accepted in the PTA program?


I've taken classes outside of Lane that seem similar to the prerequisites. Will the program accept my previous coursework?

All courses must be transferable for credit toward an AAS degree at LCC. Students with military experience are encouraged to consult with Enrollment Services for course equivalencies. Students should use the Lane transfer tool to determine if previous coursework will be accepted as the equivalent at LCC. The transfer tool is also referenced on the program application.

I think I'm ready to apply. Can someone help me review my transcripts to see if I have everything I need?

Yes. Program advisors can help. Email PTAProgram@lanecc.edu for guidance and a schedule of drop-in hours.

How do I get observation experience?

Local hospitals and clinics provide opportunities for volunteer and observation hours in the physical therapy and rehabilitation departments. It is up to you to identify opportunities to get related observation experience. 16 observation hours in two clinical settings is required to apply to the program.

How do I report my observation hours?

Guidelines for reporting hours are in the program application.

Is the program accredited?

Yes! The program has initial accreditation status with the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). Program graduates are eligible to take the National Licensing Exam for Physical Therapist Assistants.